Amazon Fires: Record Number Burning in Brazil Rainforest - Space Agency

Amazon Fires (Brazil): Satellite Data Showed An 84% Increase on the Same Period in 2018

21st August, 2019

Guyana and UN Environment collaborate on strategy for environmental development

Aiming to advance sustainable economic growth in Guyana while preserving the country’s vast natural capital, UN Environment, in collaboration with the Government of Guyana

30th May, 2019

Barbuda Is Looking to Go 100 Percent Green

The Eastern Caribbean island of Barbuda is looking to become a 100 percent green energy island.

25th June, 2019

Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Giant Plastic Trap Put To Sea Again

Floating boom is designed to trap 1.8tn items of plastic without harming marine life – but broke apart last time

23rd June, 2019

Apple on the environment: Doing right for the planet is good for business

Apple is all in on addressing climate change.

April11, 2019

Guyana’s Roadmap to Become a Green State

What is being done to develop national climate change strategies?

April 2, 2019