Barbuda Is Looking to Go 100 Percent Green

The Eastern Caribbean island of Barbuda is looking to become a 100 percent green energy island.

25th June, 2019

Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Giant Plastic Trap Put To Sea Again

Floating boom is designed to trap 1.8tn items of plastic without harming marine life – but broke apart last time

23rd June, 2019

Apple on the environment: Doing right for the planet is good for business

Apple is all in on addressing climate change.

April11, 2019

Guyana’s Roadmap to Become a Green State

What is being done to develop national climate change strategies?

April 2, 2019

Changes to plastic ban announced

Ban of single use petro-based plastics in Barbados have been answered

March 23, 2019

Guyana Benefits From UNEP Funded Project On Environmental SDGS


7th February, 2019