The Plastics Pipeline: A Surge of New Production Is on the Way

A world awash in plastic will soon see even more, as a host of new petrochemical plants — their ethane feedstock supplied by the fracking boom — come online. Major oil companies, facing the prospect of reduced demand for their fuels, are ramping up their plastics output.

19th December, 2019

Birds are getting smaller. Scientists see the echo of climate change.

A separate study published in September in the journal Science found that human activities and ecological changes are already having a devastating impact on bird populations.

5th December, 2019

The world's oceans are acidifying — but it's happening twice as fast off California

Oceans play an important role in the planet's delicate carbon cycle, acting as a crucial reservoir that absorbs and stores carbon dioxide from Earth's atmosphere.

16th December, 2019

“There are ways to avoid single-use plastics in everyday life"- Mona Neuhass

16th December, 2019

Every straw counts in the fight against climate change

“There are ways to avoid single-use plastics in everyday life"-Mona Neuhass

16th December

Jamaica’s Latest Green Energy Project

Jamaica’s government is going greener.

16th December