One important requirement for the elaboration of the strategy is an open and participatory multi-stakeholder national consultation process, which needs to include all 10 Regions in the country. This is critical for the elaboration of a long term national strategy.

Impartially – The GSDS will affect the lives of different people in different ways. The concerns and aspirations of all persons regardless of gender, race or political affiliations will be taken into account.

The Main Objective

Ensure and facilitate public participation in the elaboration of the GSDS, based on participatory approaches, in order to elicit stakeholder ideas and vision for the GSDS.

specific Objectives

  • Create an awareness and better understanding of the GSDS to avoid and/or remove any misconceptions
  • Receive inputs to inform the elaboration of the GSDS, identifying community and regional priorities, aspirations, challenges, initiatives and/or proposals for action
  • Support the regions in identifying key development priorities over the long term, and synergies with their current work of drafting regional development plans and budgets

The consultation process will be guided by the following operating principles

  • Trust and Transparency: Information on the GSDS will be faithfully and transparently presented. Earning the trust and confidence of the public will promote collaboration and enhance the effectiveness of the consultation process.
  • Effective Communication: Before conducting consultations particularly in indigenous communities, efforts will be made to engage with the MOIPA to be informed on the factors influencing the way communities receive and interpret information, and respond. This will help in the design of appropriate messages that provide clarity and stimulation
  • Effective Dialogue: The consultations meeting will be designed to encourage a two-way dialogue with the audience. Special efforts will be made to document the feedback of the stakeholders.
  • Respect for Traditional Practices: Traditional rights of indigenous communities will be respected. Efforts will be made to hire interpreters for communities where the mother tongue is not English.
  • Free Prior and Informed Consent: Indigenous communities will be issued with detailed information as much as possible to guide their inputs into the GSDS.

The expected outcome

An enhanced understanding of stakeholders’ needs/priorities and the issues that affect their communities and businesses. Efforts will be made to garner feedback on issues such as employment, institutional capacity, health and well-being, business development. The information received will be shared with the researchers designing the Green State Development Strategy