The goal of the Green Conversations series is that Guyanese people from a wide cross section of society embrace and advocate for a green economic development path and help shape it by participating meaningfully in the national consultation process, which will produce the GSDS.

Green Conversations will be open, non-partisan, inclusive spaces (physical and online) where Guyanese learn about green economic development and what it means to their future and engage in discourse around the subject in ways relevant to their unique circumstances. Creating spaces for learning through candid discussions will transform the meaning of green to Guyanese through situating people and their interests at the heart of the conversation. These spaces will promote an understanding of green economic development – including the social, economic and environmental aspects, help people to grasp why a green economy is important to their future, and build their capacity and willingness to participate in GSDS consultations.

The second phase involves the actual

The third phase is to compile, validate and disseminate the findings for feedback and inclusion in the GSDS.

Though these phases will be coordinated by the WWF in collaboration with the GSDS Secretariat, there will be close collaboration and coordination with the Ministry of Communities, local democratic institutions of the State, the MOIPA and the Department of the Environment.

The proposed series will achieve several key outcomes:

  • The Guyanese people understand that green state/sustainable development concerns are more than just environmental in nature and therefore must involve all sects of society and they are more willing to participate in processes needed to develop policies and to own such policies;
  • Help build the capacity of the Guyanese people to participate effectively in green/sustainable development conversations, especially those which inform the formulation of key national policies; and
  • Increase awareness and willingness of Guyanese society to participate in these types of engagements and advocacy for green state, inclusive green economy and sustainable development.

These conversations – that is, the actual events themselves – are one of the settings in which information relevant to development of the GSDS would be delivered to a wide cross-section of Guyanese. Green Conversations will situate people and their interests at the heart of the discourse in both the physical and online spaces created through the series.

The Green Conversation are organized in partnership with Conservation International-Guyana, the University of Guyana (UG), World Wildlife Fund– Guianas (WWF-Guianas), UN Environment in close cooperation with the Department of Environment and Ministry of Finance. A first session was organized in January 2018, by world-renowned environmental economist, Mr. Pavan Sukhdev. More than 250 individuals who represented just over 100 organisations attended the event. A second Green Conversation focused on “Green Jobs and Sustainable Businesses” with Ms. Claudia Coenjaerts, Director – ILO Caribbean Office, Mr. Rawle Small (ILO Consultant), and Mr. Johannes Dobinger (UNIDO Representative for the Andean Region). Georgetown, 28th February 2018.