Who We Are

The Department of Environment (DoE), under the aegis of the Office of the President, is responsible for leading the transformation of Guyana into a green state and ensuring environmental management and compliance across the country. The DoE coordinates all sustainable transformation actions and initiatives related to the natural and built environment, development of comprehensive environmental policies and legislation in keeping with the green transition and finally ensuring effective environmental safeguards to preserve public health and securing a better life for all Guyanese.

What We Do

The mandate of the Department of Environment as expressed by His Excellency President David Granger is to:

"Collaborate with the agencies responsible for the management of the extractive activities of the natural resources sector, assume responsibility for policy direction and monitoring of international environmental agreements and projects and take the lead in guiding the process in transitioning Guyana towards the development of a green economy."

The DoE has supervisory and oversight responsibilities for the Environmental Protection Agency, Protected Areas Commission, National Parks Commission and the Wildlife Conservation and Management Commission.

The DoE also serves as a repository for the institutional mechanism for environmental compliance and management in Guyana. The DoE works to ensure the improvement of the legal and administrative coordination of the various sectorial initiatives related to management of Guyana's Environment.

Agencies under the Management of the DoE